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What does a credit hour mean?
What does a study plan mean?

When is the University ID used?

Can the student change their field of specialization more than once?

When does the mid-year holiday (the holiday between the two semesters) begin?

Can freshmen stop/ suspend their registration at the University?

Is the period of suspending study considered part of the maximum study period at the University?

How many semesters can the student postpone their study?

What is the language of instruction at the University?

Why cannot the student whose accumulative average is less than 2.25 points register electronically?

Is attendance of lectures at the University compulsory?

Can I postpone my call to compulsory military service based on my registration at the University?

When graduation credentials are issued for graduates at a certain semester?

What does a study load mean for the students?



Reduction of Fees for the Children of Syndicate Members


What are the documents necessary for getting syndicate fees reduction from the University?

What syndicates can get fees reduction?

Are the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Handicraft Trade Union, and the Laborers Trade Union included in this reduction?

What is the percentage of reduction?

What is the content of the syndicate document?

Is it enough to present the syndicate card only?

Should the student present a syndicate document every academic semester?

In case a reduction is given to the mother’s membership, what are the required documents?



Fees Reduction for Siblings


What documents are required for this reduction?

What is the percentage of reduction?

What are the conditions of getting a reduction?

Does the interruption of study on the part of one of the siblings cease the benefit for the other?

Can the siblings’ grant be combined with the syndicate reduction?

Should the student present a copy of the family book each semester?



General Secondary School Certificate Scholarships


What is the University grants scholarships for freshmen according to the following criteria ?



The Ministry of Higher Education Scholarships


What is the Ministry of Higher Education scholarship?


Merit Scholarships


How the Merit Scholarships given ?



Scholarships for the Children of  the University Staff


How the Schoarships for the Children of the University Staff given ?



Scholarships For Athletic and Cultural Merits



How the Scholarships for Athletci and Cultural Merits given ?



Notice : 


It is not permissible for any student to combine two scholarships at the same time except in the case of academic merit during the study at the University. Moreover, these scholarships do not include the summer semester, with the exception of the scholarships of the  Ministry of Higher Education.



What is an interruption of study fee and what is the length of the period of interruption permitted?

What are the dropout procedures?

Can the student transfer from one major to another, and what are the fees incurred?

Can the student withdraw from the University or the semester ?

Can the student, in case they owe a debt to the University, withdraw it from their account balance?

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