IUST comprises the following six colleges that meet the needs and demands of the local Syrian community and the Arab and regional communities as well:

  • College of Business and Finance
  • College of Information Technology
  • College of Engineering and Technology
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Arts and Sciences

Altogether, IUST’s six colleges offer the highest possible quality of programs, courses and concentrations that challenge students with interactive learning opportunities at all levels. Cutting edge technology, e-learning techniques and modules, e-library/virtual library and on-line databases, as well as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are integrated into daily curriculum. The IUST philosophy is based on the following:

  • It is a well known tradition that any university is entrusted with the three combined and inter-related tasks and duties of teaching, research and community service. To this end, IUST is adopting a number of strategies and measures to undertake its mission, task and duties, efficiently and effectively.
  • IUST provides adequate infrastructure for a spacious library that is nourished, on a continuous basis, with updated references, periodicals and reference materials that serve the research, study, and educational purposes of faculty and students. A major part of the infrastructure will comprise teaching and research laboratories, workshops, state-of-the-art equipment, internet and a wireless connection throughout the whole IUST campus.
  • The University resorts to contemporary methodologies of instruction and is committed to a student-centered and supportive modern learning environment that promotes critical thinking, independence of thought, intellectual curiosity, creativity, original thinking, leadership, a sense of community, and the mastery of advanced technologies.
  • The academic staff stands as the intellectual infrastructure of every University. The University will thus strive to build a solid intellectual infrastructure, whereby world-class faculty and staff are attracted after undergoing strict recruitment screening. Faculty promotion will be linked to performance, research, and academic activities. At the same time, the University will provide continuing educational opportunities for its staff and will encourage them to attend generic workshops that aim at improving their academic performance and keeping them abreast with new trends and innovations in education and instruction.
  • The University strives to nurture responsive links with international academic universities by means of reaching and signing cultural agreements and memoranda of understanding that serve as an umbrella for academic cooperation, faculty and student exchanges, and conducting joint research and studies.
  • The student body is the cornerstone of any university. Hence, students gain admission to the University on the basis of their merit and qualifications. The University adopted a rigorous admission policy and criteria whereby only those with intellectual ability and academic achievement can be admitted.
  • The University adopted the American system of education whereby the study plan is divided into a number of semesters and is composed of a pre-assigned number of credit hours in accordance with the field of specialization. The study plan will be structured in a way that enables students to receive in-depth teaching in their area of specialization, in addition to a series of courses that would enhance their communication skills in Arabic and English, as well as computer and Internet literacy courses. These skills will enable students to compete in the marketplace and to be effective and successful in their future careers.
  • An entrance exam is administered in respect of new students to evaluate their overall academic background, and to assess their need for remedial courses in English or computer literacy programs.
  • The University applies the ETS system for student evaluation upon their graduation to ensure that students can demonstrate competency and minimum standards in their respective fields of study. The results of this evaluation will be used as feedback for the University’s self-assessment of its programs and methodology of instruction that reflect directly on the quality of its students and their contribution to the local and market economy.
  • The University has plans to establish an outreach consultation service centre for research, studies, design and innovation in order to support the work, activities and future of investment companies operating in Syria.
  • IUST encourages its faculty and students to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research of high standing fit for publication in reputable refereed journals. The paramount objective is to expand human knowledge and deepen human understanding.

The translation of results of academic research into patents will form one of the pillars of technological development that IUST aspires to accomplish as part of its overall research profile and image. In its efforts to integrate its research capacity with the needs of industry, IUST will house an incubator unit that provides an environment for the commercialization of the campus-wide research output, and paves the way for knowledge-based companies and industries to access available infrastructure and available research base in applications that would serve their mission and assist their growth and performance.

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