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Chief Financial Officer

Khaled Sweed

This department has been established in the International University for Science & Technology in order to manage all the financial affairs in the university in terms of receiving the fees, collecting the funds, and paying all the commitments. Besides keeping and organizing of all the university account books according to the rules, regulations, and account principles set by the virtue of the presidential decree related to the private universities establishment.

Secretary of Chief Financial Officer : Samah Kamel

General Accounting section
Accounting salaries section
Treasury section
Warehouses’ section
Note : students can pay the fees due by cash or by checks or by bank transfers. Students need no more than five minutes to finish all of their financial processes and procedures.


Reduction of Fees for the Children of Syndicate Members


1: What are the documents necessary for getting syndicate fees reduction from the University?

2: What syndicates can get fees reduction?

3: Are the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Handicraft Trade Union, and the Laborers Trade Union included in this reduction?

4: What is the percentage of reduction?

5: What is the content of the syndicate document?

6: Is it enough to present the syndicate card only?

7: Should the student present a syndicate document every academic semester?

8: In case a reduction is given to the mother’s membership, what are the required documents?

Fees Reduction for Siblings


1: What documents are required for this reduction?

2: What is the percentage of reduction?

3: What are the conditions of getting a reduction?

4: Does the interruption of study on the part of one of the siblings cease the benefit for the other?

5: Can the siblings’ grant be combined with the syndicate reduction?

6: Should the student present a copy of the family book each semester?



General Secondary School Certificate Scholarships

The University grants scholarships for freshmen according to the following criteria:

  • A full scholarship for the student whose rank is within the first five in the Syrian GSSC or in any other accredited equivalent study.
  • Five scholarships, each of which is equal to 50% of the University fees (the credit hours fees) for students whose average is above 90% in the Syrian GSSC according to their scores, and who are already registered at the University. The scholarship is continued if the student maintains an accumulative average of no less than 3 points (B).
The Ministry of Higher Education Scholarships
What is the Ministry of Higher Education scholarship?
A full scholarship is put under the disposal of the Ministry of Higher Education in accordance with the presidential decree of establishing the University, provided that the average of the applicant is below the minimum average required for admission in the required specialisation.
Merit Scholarships

Scholarships are granted to academic high-achievers provided that they have finished 30 credit hours at the university, and have registered for 15 credit hours minimally, apart from their semester of graduation, and in view of the criteria below:

  • 100% of the credit hours fees for students who have achieved a GPA of 4 points (A+) and ranking first in their specialization, provided that their accumulative GPA is no less than 5 points (A-).
  • 25% of the credit hour fees for students scoring an accumulative GPA of no less than 75 points (A).
  • 20% of the credit hours fees for students scoring an accumulative average of no less than 5 points (A-).
  • 15 % of the credit hours fees for students scoring an accumulative average of no less than 25 points (B+).
  • 10% of the credit hours fees for students scoring an accumulative average of no less than 3 points (B).

The scholarship is renewable as long as students meet the above conditions, and it is applicable to both first and second semesters.

Scholarships for the Children of  the University Staff

A scholarship of 50% of the fees is granted to the children of the University employees and in case the student achieves an excellent average, the rest of the fees are credited to that semester.


Scholarships For Athletic and Cultural Merits

Five scholarships are granted each semester of 20% of the fees for top athletic students, and another five scholarships for students who exhibit cultural merits in accordance with the conditions outlined by the IUST Council for this purpose.

Note : It is not permissible for any student to combine two scholarships at the same time except in the case of academic merit during the study at the University. Moreover, these scholarships do not include the summer semester, with the exception of the scholarships of the Ministry of Higher Education.


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