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Personal Informations

Name:  Doctor. Mofdi/ Mohamad/ Fawaz

Academic Rank: Doctor

Present Address: International University for Science and Technology (IUST) – Daraa, Syria





Thesis Title/ specialization Algorithms of  Nonlinear Constant-Correlation Characteristics Measurements (Statistical Measurements) / Information Measuring Systems
Department Automation of  Information Processing
Year 1993
University Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU)
Country Russia



Faculty Mechanical and electrical Engineering
Department Electronics Engineering
Year 1986
University Damascus
Country Syria

  • Inaugural keynote speaker in the “International Conference on Instrumentation, MEMS and Bio-Sensing Technology (ICIMBT)”, scheduled from 13-15, 2020, in the department of electronics and instrumentation engineering, SRM institute of science and technology, Chennai, India.
  •  Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Electrical and Mechanical engineering Faculty at Damascus University (1/9/2017 – 1/10/2020).
  • (15/4/2018) lecturer “Nano Technology applications of Electronics” in Home of Syrian Engineers, and Syria Mother Community.
  • Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, (1/9/2007 – 1/9/2010 IUST).
  • (1/9/2007-2020) Assistance Professor, Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering, Damascus University and at the International University of Science and Technology (IUST), Syria, Damascus in Of Electronic and Communication engineering, teaching the following courses:
  • Advanced Electronic Measurements Systems. (Master program, Damascus University).
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. (Master program, Damascus University).
  • Introduction to computer (Damascus University).
  • Fundamentals of communication engineering (Damascus University).
  • Communication systems (1) (Damascus University).
  • Electronic Measurements. (Damascus University, IUST)
  • Probabilities and Random Signals. (IUST).
  • Systems and Signals. (IUST).
  • Signal processing 1 (Damascus University).
  • Digital Signal Processing. (IUST).
  • Signal processing 2 – digital filters and digital image processing (Damascus University).
  • Modeling and Simulation of the electronic circuits (Damascus University).
  • Electronics I (Damascus University, IUST)
  • Electronics II. (Damascus University, IUST)
  • TV engineering.(IUST)
  • Communication systems (2) (Spread Spectrum, Multi Access, and Satellite systems) (Damascus University).
  • Digital Logic Circuits (Damascus University, IUST).
  • Electric Circuits. (Damascus University, IUST)
  • Supervision of Master and Ph.D. degree (10 provided, 9 under providing) (Program of Applicable Electronics engineering, and Program Advanced Communication Engineering).
  • Number of Graduation Projects in Electronic and Communication Systems. (Damascus University, IUST).


  • Development of Electronic Measurements Lab. and Signal Processing Lab (2015-2016 Damascus University).
  • Scientific supervisor of Electronic measurements and signal processing LAB in Damascus University (2015 to present).
  • (23/08/2006 – 9/08/2006) Teacher of Electronic Measurements Course, Italy, Information and Communication technology program,  MEDNETTUNO University.
  • (1/10/2005 – 1/9/2007): Assistance Professor, in the Computer Science Department, Al-Kalmoon Private University, Teaching the following courses:
    • Software Engineering.
    • Introduction to Computer Science.
    • Introduction to Programming.
    • Computer Skills.
    • Lab of CASE – Microsoft Visio.
    • Optical Fibers.
    • Sound and image technology.
  • (1/10/2002 – 30/9/2005): Assistant Professor at Al-Isra Private University / College of IT / Department of Computer Science, Amman, Jordan

Teaching the following courses:

  • Information Systems analysis and Design.
  • Assembly Programming Language.
  • Visual Basic Programming Language.
  • Programming using C Language.
  • Logic circuits Design.
  • Computer Skills.


  • (1/10/1998 – 30/9/2002): Assistant Professor at the College of Studies of Automated Computers /Al- Khartoum, Sudan,

Teaching the following courses:

  • Electronic Measurements.
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Systems and Signals.
  • Digital Signal Processing.
  • Digital Circuits Design.
  • Control Engineering.
  • Data Base.
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Computer Graphics.
  • Computer and human Interaction.
  • Special Topics in Computer Science (E-learning, Virtual Reality, Data Mining).

(1/10/1998 – 30/9/2002): Head of Computer Science Department .

Member of the Scientific Council.

Member of the Curricula Development Committee, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology Departments.


  • (1/10/1993 – 30/9/1998): Assistant Professor in Electronic Engineering Department, Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Damascus University.

Teaching the following courses:

  • Electric measurements.
  • Electronic Measurement Systems.
  • Electronic Measurements.
  • Electronics (I).
  • Electronics (II).

  • “Class Management in English” IUST, Syria 2008
  • “Teaching Skills Improvement” Al-Isra Private University, Amman, Jordan, 2003.

Title Date Journal/Proceeding Referred  (Yes/No)
1.     Developing Technological Transition from Traditional Sensor to smart uni-sensor 2019 Journal of researches  in Aleppo university Yes
2.     Evaluation of digital image compression algorithms using wavelet transformation 2018 Journal of researches  in Aleppo university Yes
3.     Application of mGPI model to correct non linearity of strange and pressure sensors  hysteresis 2018 Journal of Al-Baeth University, Syria Yes
4.     Improvement of hardware reliability in labs of engineering tele education 2018 Journal of Al-Baeth University, Syria Yes
5.     Simulation of cooperative diversity in wireless networks with multi antennas in reception stage 2018 Journal of Al-Baeth University, Syria Yes
6.     Blind Prediction of Digital Video Quality Depending on Generalized Probability Distribution – Jonson 2017


Journal of Al-Baeth University, Syria Yes
7.     Simulation and  Estimation of Corporative communication performance for wireless communication systems 2015

N 6

Journal of  Tichreen  University, Syria Yes
8.     Book  in Arabic language    “ Electronic Measurements “ of electronic and communication engineering department 2015 Damascus University Yes
9.     Stereoscopic image compression using disparity estimation between images and 2D digital curvelet transformation 2015

N0 1

Journal of Tichreen  University, Syria Yes
10.                        Book in Arabic Language “Electronic and Instrumentation measurements” of computer engineering department. Under providing Damascus University Yes
11.                        Patent (Пат. 2118847 РФ, МКИ), Measurement of time delay of signals in dynamic systems. 1998 Russia Yes
12.                        Measurement  Algorithms of  Vector Nonlinear Correlation Characteristics 1993 Journal Radio Technology Yes
13.                        Study of Constant Nonlinear Correlation Characteristics 1993 Factory Laboratory Yes
14.                        Applications of  Nonlinear Correlation Characteristics 1992 Electronics  Technology Yes


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