Public Relations Office

public relations manager

The mirror of the International University for Science and Technology in front of the local and international community, the work of public relations represents an integrated group of work with its two professional systems to communicate with two directions of inquiry, information and coordination, to achieve its goals through: research, planning, communication and evaluation, as it is the main link linking the university with all institutions And the official and private bodies, in addition to that, the department represents a vital link between the higher staff in the university and the various departments and internal colleges and the external colleges associated with them.

Department missions:

  •  Work to create a spirit of cooperation and joint work within the university.
  • Participation in lectures, seminars, conferences and exhibitions related to the university’s activities.
  • Make the necessary arrangements to receive university guests, follow up on their visit programs, and provide the necessary services that they may need during their visit to the university.
  • Disseminating and documenting university news, preparing informative leaflets about the university’s academic and administrative units, and distributing them to the university’s visitors and other relevant bodies on the Arab and international levels.
  • Organizing social activities for university employees.
  • Building a good reputation for the university and introducing its mission, goals and philosophy.
  • Supervising and organizing advertisement boards at the university.
  • Interacting with the community by participating in various events related to the university’s mission.
  • Deepening students ’affiliation with their university and getting them to be proud and proud of it.
  • Continuous follow-up of students, meeting the services they need, and communicating with graduate students through the university’s website.

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