The semi-final matches of the College Basketball League championship were held at the International University for Science and Technology

The semi-final round of the College Basketball Championship at the International University for Science and Technology was completed on Tuesday 23/3/2021, attended by the coach Mustafa Al-Marhej, supervisor of sports activities at the University, Aghyad Hayani, a member of the branch leadership – head of the sub-office of sports activity and Amir Badawi, a member of the Administrative Board of the College of Dentistry.
The matches brought together each of the following teams:

-Pharmacy x Engineering and ended with a winning for the first with a score of 51 points, compared to 37 for the second team.

– Dentistry x Business Administration (1) and ended with a score of 50 points compared to 42 for the Business Administration Team (1).

The final match of the University Basketball League Championship will be held on Tuesday 3/30/2021:

 – Engineering x Dentistry (on the third and fourth places) at 12:00

– Business Administration x Pharmacy (on the first and second places) at 13:00

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