The launch of the first round of chess matches at the International University for Science and Technology

On Sunday morning, 10/25/2020, the first round matches of chess were launched at the International University for Science and Technology (IUST) under the auspices of the Deanship of Student Affairs and organizing by the Student’s Union branch at the university in preparation for candidacy for participation in the central tournament held by the Central Sports Activity Office of the National Union of Syrian Students in Al-Baath University in Homs Governorate at the end of this month.
The activity was distinguished by the presence of Prof. Sherif Al-Ashqar, Vice President for Administrative Affairs , Dean of Student Affairs , Joseph Georgy , Head of the Student’s Union Branch at the University , and Muhammad Adel Yunis, Head of the Sports Activity Sub-Office in Student’s Union Branch .
The Vice President of the University indicated that the need of supporting such competitions is essential because of their contributions among fellow students , explaining the importance of concerted efforts to exceed activities that contribute in the building of the student’s personality and developing his talents by keeping pace with all competitions and events and distinguishing in them .
Colleague Georgy emphasized the importance of this sport because of its positive essential effects on its practitioners as it improves memory and raises the IQ, also helps protect against Alzheimer’s disease, and raises the level of problem-solving skills, planning and anticipation.
And in an interview with our colleague Younes, he indicated the wide interest by the Student’s Union brach in supporting and developing this game, which has become classified as a mental sport. Pointing out the importance of participating in the name of the university in all specialized tournaments, especially because of the presence of distinguished individuals who are able to achieve high positions in various competitions

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