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The electronic registration system provides facilities for:

  • electronic online registration of the courses at the University
  • add and drop courses
  • follow-up of the student’s financial and academic record, and other information access (e.g. bus schedule)

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Email service


This service has become an essential tool for doing homework worldwide; thus the email messages sent and received are deemed official records, for  they provide evidence as to the authenticity of the academic and financial status of the student.

We provide the service of keeping the email messages which are considered official records in addition to their organization and management in a way that makes them accessible, and retrievable when needed. This includes the keeping of the email records of all current and former employees.


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Student Marks

Is the service provided by the University to streamline and accelerate the process of developing students ‘ results, the tagging system to build Excel type file contains a form of marking students calculate the final amount of their brands, in addition to building reports on success rate and repetition.

Student Marks

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