Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation

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Joseph Georgy
Department manager

Dr. Joseph Georgy

Manager’s Word:

Implementing a quality management system and achieving academic accreditation has always been one of the most important basic requirements for determining the success of any educational organization. Given the importance of this matter, the International University for Science and Technology had to create a department for quality assurance and academic accreditation in order to improve performance, develop and master work, achieve excellence and prosper the institution.

Quality is an essential criterion that focuses on operations and results together to provide any required service with high professionalism to customers, and its management system includes following a preventive policy against errors in order to obtain outputs without defects. Quality is also leadership in work, culture, behavior, practice and application that includes the processes of developing human resources, developing administrative information and making the right decisions at the appropriate times. The success of total quality management depends on the contribution of all members of the organization by setting a specific future vision and clear goals, as it is everyone’s responsibility.

As for Academic Accreditation, it is one of the recent trends in the development of education, which has become a frame of reference in most countries as part of their continuous attempts to evaluate and improve performance in higher education institutions. It is a procedural process to ensure the quality of university education, in which the services, operations, or programs of higher education institutions are reviewed to check whether the applicable criteria are met or not for accreditation to be granted. Academic accreditation helps determine if an institution meets or exceeds minimum quality standards, and based on this information, the parent and student can easily select the appropriate colleges for enrollment.

In sum, we in this department always strive to work to ensure the application of the university’s slogan “Life Long Commitment to knowledge” with high quality and professionalism, achieving academic reliability, so that the International University for Science and Technology remains a beacon of science and a flag fluttering with knowledge to reach its message to the whole world through its administrative and educational cadres and its great ambassadors Its persevering graduates, of whom the university is proud, and of their excellence in their fields of work in all countries of the world.

Director of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation

Dr. Joseph Georgy

Department Tasks:

  • Coordinating the rehabilitation and preparation of the university at all levels to achieve the requirements for granting it quality assurance and accreditation certificates from the most prestigious international awarding institutions.
  • Achieving academic accreditation globally and raising the university’s classification by fulfilling the main requirements, as well as applying for recognition and communicating with ministries of higher education and scientific research in many countries.
  • Determining key performance indicators for the university’s work and its components, and contributing to drawing up its policy and following up on its implementation.
  • Preparing the university’s strategic plans and following up on their implementation, continuous evaluation of the university’s overall performance and revealing the extent to which its mission has been achieved by creating periodic questionnaires, statistical studies and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and following a risk management system and a quality assurance system.
  • Achieving the university’s vision and purpose through the continuous development of the quality management system at the university level with all its elements.
  • Preparing periodic reports related to the university’s performance, and proposing decisions or procedures necessary for improvement.
  • Spreading the culture of quality in the university by proposing plans and supporting projects, and activating collective participation in monitoring and supporting results.
  • Contributing in the development of the university’s website and following up on updating it.
  • Developing programs aimed at improving the capabilities of members of the educational and administrative bodies and the various employees of the university and following up on their implementation.
  • Supervising the follow-up of corrective actions through executive committees to correct any error at any level and avoid its occurrence in the future.

A number of administrative units within the university faculties follow the department in its field of work. The task of these units is to represent the faculties and their departments in attending periodic meetings aimed at developing work and improving performance and conducting internal audit reports and all operations and tasks aimed at ensuring quality and academic accreditation.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Dentistry

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Pharmacy

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Engineering and Technology

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Architecture

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Business Administration and Finance

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Arts and Sciences

Questionnaires and Statistical Studies:

1- In the context of the constant endeavor of the International University for Science and Technology to improve the educational process, including the development of the level of student services that students receive on campus in accordance with leading international standards, the Department of Quality  Assurance and Academic Accreditation at the university conducts a questionnaire to measure students’ satisfaction with manual and electronic semester registration for the academic semester 20223, so that the university administration can take all appropriate measures to improve the level of registration service in the coming semesters and work to provide the necessary solutions to avoid obstacles, if they exist, and to ensure the quality of registration.

We welcome all proposals, receive inquiries, and work with the concerned authorities to address issues and complaints, if any.

To fill out the questionnaire, please click here.

Regular meetings:

1- The meeting of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the College of Dentistry, headed by Prof. Dr. Vice President for Academic Affairs, in the presence of the Director of Quality and Academic Accreditation and the head and member of the Quality Assurance Sub-Unit in the college.

Prof. Dr. Iman Shahrour
Dr. Mona Kheirbek
Dr. Mona Kheirbek
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Dr. Joseph Georgy
Dr. Joseph Georgy
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