Program Policies


Attendance is mandatory in all English classes. A student loses one point from his/her attendance grade for every absence. The first five absences are technically free because the total course grade is out of 105.
English teachers take attendance every class period. If a student arrives after the teacher has started the class, the student is considered tardy. In that case, the student should sign-in on a tardy-sheet kept by the door.

Three tardy(s) = one absence.

A student is marked present only if s/he is physically present in class. There are no excused absences in the EPP. Doctor’s notes and/or letter’s from the Deans of different departments are not accepted. Even if a student misses class to take an exam which another department has scheduled during English class time, the students will still be marked absent.


Marking Scheme Overview

Attendance 20
Homework 15
Participation 10
Project/Reader 15
Midterm 20
Final 25
60 points are needed to pass the course

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