Preparatory Program


We see our English Preparatory Program as a tool to supplement the world with better citizens. We strive to create a learning environment so positive and vigorous that it can produce learners that have the continuous thirst for new knowledge, the skills to pursue successful careers, and the commitment to change their communities and the world to the better. We believe we can do all this by teaching English.


  • We teach English.
    This is the core of our mission. So, we are committed to do it with excellence. Our philosophy is simple. We use only English in our classrooms. We create highly communicative classes. We emphasize on academic rigor, and we focus a lot on language production.
  • We expose our students to different cultures.
    To produce English, a learner needs to think in English. We introduce our students to the cultures of English speaking countries by using authentic material, and by exposing students to controversial topics that are hot in the English speaking world. Openness to other cultures, like most other virtues, comes with practice.
  • We train our students to be competitive for the real world.
    Like modern life, our classes are demanding. There are lots of homework, group projects, and deadlines! We also provide our students with ample opportunities to practice their English outside the class. IUST REVIEW (a student magazine) and our Drama Club allow students to boost their communication skills. We want to build our students’ confidence and give them the skills they need for success after graduation. We believe that extracurricular activities are very important for a well-rounded education. So, we are committed to keep our list of extracurricular activities/clubs growing.
  • We motivate our students to serve.
    Longman got it right. “Great Teachers inspire. Great teachers motivate. Great teachers change the world.” We are in this business because we think we can change the world. Our fast growing club, Students Spreading Smiles, is getting more and more IUST students involved in serving their communities. We are hoping that this student group will transform IUST to a campus marked by its culture of voluntarism.

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