FAQs – English Language

Can I change my section / time / teacher?

Not in all cases. A change in a student’s section/time/teacher can be made under two conditions: there are still vacancies in the section the student would like to move to, and there is no conflict in the student’s new English time and his/her schedule.


Can I drop my level English class?

No. The university requires all students to take English level classes consecutively. All students are required to pass level six successfully to meet the English competency requirement.


Can I drop my English 101 & 102 class?

The 101 & 102 classes abide by the university add/drop system. See university guidelines.


How long will it take me to complete the Preparatory English program?

Three semesters maximum, depending on where you place in the program.


How many classes will I have to take before I can take English 101 & 102?

Every student will have to complete all level courses before s/he can take English 101 & 102 classes.


Can I take English 101 and English 102 together?

No. English 101 is a prerequisite for English 102. Students are obligated to take and pass English 101 before they can take English102.


Do the preparatory English course scores affect my GPA?

No. All level courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. The scores of these courses do not affect a student’s GPA.


What happens if I fail a Preparatory English class?

A student is required to take and pass all levels. Once a student fails a level class, he/she is obligated to repeat the course until he/she passes.


If I miss one of my Preparatory English exams, can I repeat it?

No, except in the case of a medical emergency. In this case, a student has to bring a doctor’s note signed and approved by the Ministry of Health and the IUST clinic


Can I retake the placement test?

You can take the placement test one time every academic year. You will be charged the placement test fee every time you sit for the exam.


I don’t agree with my placement test result. What can I do?

You can go to class and discuss your opinion on your level with your teacher. During the first week of class, your English teacher will be reassessing your level. If your teacher feels that you should be moved to a higher or lower level, your teacher will request the change for you. If not, then you will have to stay in the level that you were placed in.

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