Faculty Of Pharmacy – Dean


Name: Dr. Habib Abboud       

Academic Rank: : Professor        
Current Position: Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

CV:  Click here to download

I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Pharmacy website. As you can imagine, this site is full of information about the programs we offer, our outstanding students, our amazing faculty members and administrative staff.

Pharmacists have long been recognized as medication experts. Today the pharmacist’s role is expanding from the traditional dispenser of medications to an outstanding scientist. Increasingly the pharmacist should take responsibility for recommending drug therapies, counseling patients on proper medication use, and monitoring therapeutic outcomes.

In fact, the role of the pharmacist in the healthcare system has experienced an astonishing transformation. Today’s pharmacist is a critical partner in the healthcare system, a front-line practitioner tasked with preserving the health of patients and communities across Syria.

To succeed in this expanded role, pharmacists require more training and experiential opportunities than ever before. In response to this changing need, our five-year professional program leads to the bachelor of Pharmacy degree and prepares graduates for careers in a variety of areas. The Faculty offers a host of educational programs designed to produce the future leaders in pharmacy and pharmacy-related practice, education, and research and industrial positions.


Habib Abboud

Dean and Professor

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