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Name : Mahmoud shikh Al shabab
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Current Position : Dean of Art and Sciences
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Dean’s  Speech


The Faculty of Art and Science began its activities with the opening of the International University for Science and Technology in the academic year 2005. However, despite its modest beginning it today possesses all the academic characteristics that entitled it to match its counterparts at the governmental and regional levels. The Faculty consist of four main departments:
The first department is responsible for ensuring a scientific foundation for all students from the various specialties. This is the department of University Requirements and Fundamental Sciences.
The second department is the department of English Language and Literature. In addition to teaching English Language and Literature , it supervises the teaching of English Language skills for all students of the University.
The third department which is the most important and which has a knowledge and economic output is the Department of Interior Design which provides students with scientific and technological skills in terms of interior design depending on the most modern methods of teaching. In addition, there is the department of graphic design which concerns itself with visual communications, animations and designs related to calligraphy and its skills as well as to colour and its functions.
Throughout its march, the Faculty has tried to recruit a distinguished teaching staff who are equipped with science and knowledge, on the one hand, and who have long experience in teaching methods, on the other.
Our Faculty is introducing itself through these lines and hopes that all who communicate with us will provide us with their opinions and proposals, and they will be most welcome.


Dr. Mahmoud Shikh Al Shabab

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

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