Discussion of graduation projects in the Faculty of Architecture for the second semester 2020-2021

In the presence of the jury and the supervisors: Dr. Mowaffaq Daghman, Dr. Jaafar Al-Dhahabi, Prof. Dr. Suleiman Al-Muhanna, Dr. Tammam Fakush, Dr. Hayan Safour, Dr. Bahjat Natouf, Dr. Ali Mahmoud and Dr. Falda Milink, graduation projects from the Faculty of Architecture for the second semester of the academic year 2020-2021 were discussed on 1/8/2021:

A variety of student projects were presented:

– The National Center for Organ Transplantation by Jouri Saeed

– The National Documentation Center by the student Bayan Zakaria

– A tourist resort in Ghouta of Damascus by the two students, Muhammad Omar Muhammad Badr al-Din al-Hamawi and Raghad Yousef al-Khattab

– Social Cultural Center by Hasan Sharaf

-Marine Recreational Scientific Center by George Kamal Zakhour

– Center for Research and Renewable Energies by Maryam Al-Asadi

– The new Damascus International Airport for the student Muhammad Muhammad Haitham Juma’a

– Arts and Design Center for student Nasr Al-Hamwi

– Faculty of Architecture, prepared by Qais Louay Radwan

– Expansion of Palmyra Museum by Yara Salameh


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