Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology

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Name : Dr. Mamoun AlSamkari
Scientific rank : Assistant Professor
current address : Syria – Autostrad Daraa – Gbagbo.
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College Deanship Word


Now more than ever, a degree in engineering can open the door to many exciting and challenging career opportunities. The Engineering professions have become the main engine of economic growth with their introduction of new products and inventions that generate wealth and raise standard of living.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Faculty of Engineering &Technology has been moving steadily towards reaching its goals, relying on its accredited programs, a highly qualified faculty and staff, a modern infrastructure, and constant institutional support.

The Faculty of Engineering &Technology grants undergraduate degrees in the following fields: Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Architectural Engineering. We look forward to launching new undergraduate programs in Informatics Engineering, and Information & Communication Engineering.

Home to about 1,000 undergraduates, close to 75 regular faculty and staff members, the Faculty of Engineering & Technology is a major player in education and in the advancement of knowledge at IUST, in the academic community of the country, and beyond.

In all our programs, we take pride in providing our students with a strong theoretical foundation, technical courses, design projects, interdisciplinary coursework, extracurricular activities, and opportunities in accordance with market needs and the quality requirements in engineering education.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to underline that our students are the foundation and motivation of our academic mission, and thus it’s a great privilege to teach, mentor and accompany them throughout their evolution into the leaders of the next generation of engineers.

Dr. Mamoun AlSamkari

Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology



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