Completion of the discussion series of graduation projects of the College of Business and Finance for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year

On 3/3/2021, a series of discussion of graduation projects for the College of Business Administration and Finance for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 was completed by the jury consisting of a group of professors and teachers in the college in the presence of students, their families and a number of their colleagues in the college, where Tala Sultan Al-Nasr, from the Department of Banking and Financial Sciences, discussed her graduation project entitled: “Study of the Operational Efficiency of Syrian Private Banks” supervised by Dr. Ragheed Kassoua.

The study aimed to identify the concept of operational efficiency, especially for the Syrian private banks, and (Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi – Bank of Syria and Overseas – and the International Bank for Trade and Finance) were chosen, in addition to identify the differences between those banks in banking efficiency, and the jury consisted of Dr. Nabil Khoury, Dr. Majd Al-Nafouri and Dr. Fadi Jamaan.

*A graduation project entitled “The Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on the Shares of Banks Listed in the Damascus Securities Exchange” was also discussed by the student Christine Fadel El-Khoury from the Department of Banking and Financial Sciences, under the supervision of Dr. Ragheed Kasoua.

The study highlighted upon the fluctuations in exchange rates and their importance in influencing the share prices of companies listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange in general and banks in particular, and assisting investors in understanding the effects of these variables in making the appropriate investment decision.

And in the presence of the jury consisting of Dr. Ahmed Daas, Dr. Nabil Khoury, and Dr. Fadi Jamaan.

* “Organizational change and its role in improving human resource performance – a field study at the General Grain Corporation” is the title of the graduation project of the two students Eva Ibrahim Al-Jarmani and Jumana Salmon Salmon from the Business Administration Department, supervised by Dr. Nabil Khoury.

The study aimed to show the role of organizational change in enabling the organization to adapt to the surrounding environmental variables and ensure its survival and continuity in performing its activities, and its relationship with improving the performance of workers and developing their skills and abilities and to identify the various dimensions in which change occurs, such as incentive systems and how the process proceeds, with clarifying the most important factors leading to its success and failure, the discussion took place in the presence of a jury: the supervisor, Dr. Ahmed Daas and Dr. Dr. Fadi Jamaan.

* Also, the two students, Mayas Al-Adawy and Maria Dakkak from the Department of Banking and Financial Sciences, presented a graduation project on the reality of assessing financial and administrative performance in Syrian private banks, under the supervision of Dr. Ragheed Kassoua and Dr. Fadi Jamaan.

*The study aimed to know the reality of assessing financial and administrative performance in Syrian private banks and to identify the tools used in that, and to find out whether there are statistically significant differences between banks about the evaluation of financial and administrative performance. The two students adopted the descriptive and analytical approach, and a sample was chosen from the two banks (Bank Bemo Saudi Fransi and Bank Audi – Syria), and the study found significant differences in the financial evaluation between (Bemo Saudi Fransi Bank and Bank Audi – Syria), and the absence of Significant differences in the administrative evaluation between the two previous banks. And in the presence of the jury: Dr. Fadi Jamaan, Dr. Ahmed Daas and Dr. Nabil Khoury.

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