Board of Trustees

Tasks and Duties :

The International University for Science and Technology Board of Trustee is entrusted with the following tasks and duties:

  • Formulating the general policy of the University and its implementation with a view to safeguarding its autonomy and enabling it to fulfill its mission and realize its pre-set goals and objectives.
  • Approving the Deans’ Council recommendations to set up new colleges, academic departments, programs and specializations, or to merge or cancel some.
  • Appointing University Presidents following the recommendation/approval of the Syrian Minister of Higher education.
  • Appointing University Vice-Presidents and Deans following the recommendation of the University President.
  • Ratifying the University draft laws, regulations and legislations following recommendation of the University Council and the University President with the objective of organizing the University’s functions and operations.
  • Specifying the number of students to be admitted each year to the University’s colleges and specializations.
  • Specifying the amount of tuition fees to be collected from students, securing the necessary financial resources and overseeing their proper utilization in line with the University’s policies.
  • Specifying the salary scale in respect of all academic staff and administrative employees of the University.
  • Discussing and subsequently ratifying the University Budget that is being submitted by the University President following its recommendation and approval by the University Council.
  • Discussing and subsequently ratifying the University’s Annual Plan that is being submitted by the University President with regard to investment projects that the University intends to embark upon.
  • Accepting donations, gifts and contributions.
  • Approving the University’s General Budget, Closing Accounts, and Annual Report which demonstrates the University’s past achievements and future strategic plans.
  • Looking into other matters referred to it by the University President which do not fall under the jurisdiction of any authority at the University.
  • The Board of Trustees is entitled to form specialized and ad hoc committees comprising some of its member and to delegate some of its responsibility thereto as needed and specified in the committee formation decision.

Board of Trustees constitute of:

D. Atef Al Naddaf (Chairman)

D. Ghayath Barakat (Member)

D. Muhammad Yahya Mualla (Member)


D.  Ammar Nasser Agha – President of the University (Member).

Dr. Kamal Al Sheikha (Member)

Dr. Sahar Al-Fahoum (Member)

Dr. Fawaz Saleh (Member)

Dr. Issam Khoury (Member)

Dr. Ghaith Warkouzak (Member)

Dr. Ali Koussa (Member)

Dr. Dana Najati Jawdat (Member)

Dr. Muhannad Okal (Member)

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