A scientific trip to the Dorrat Al-Sham Residential Association for students of course (Quantities and Specifications – Graduation Project 1) in the Department of Architecture

Under the auspices of the Deanship of Student Affairs and In coordination with the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students at the university, the International University for Science and Technology – Department of Architectural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology held on Thursday 10/6/2021 a scientific trip to the Durrat Al-Sham Residential Association – in the countryside of Damascus Jamraya for students of the course (Quantities and Specifications – Graduation Project 1).

During the trip, according to what was stated by the head of the Department of Architecture at the university, Dr. Mowaffaq Daghman:

  • Informing students of the foundations of analyzing the site and the surrounding environment and the preparatory study that precedes the construction of the project
  • Visit the blocks prepared for construction and see the excavations and ways to strengthen them at a high level
  • Visiting buildings under construction and explaining construction and cladding methods
  • View a movie showing the project documents and project scenes
  • Conducting discussions about contracting methods, project management, cladding materials, and problems faced by the contractor

This trip aims to achieve everything that links the theoretical courses with the practical side

The International University for Science and Technology extends its sincere thanks to the administration of the association for its kind reception and the valuable information that enriched the students and everyone who contributed to succeed this visit.

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