A field scientific visit for students of the Architectural Engineering Department – Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the International University to Marota City, Damascus Governorate

Under the patronage of the Deanship of Student Affairs at the International University, and in cooperation with the College of Engineering and Technology as well as the College’s Administrative Board, a field scientific visit was held on Thursday 11/03/2021 for students of the Architectural Engineering Department at the university to Marota City project in Damascus Governorate.

The trip was attended by the head of the department, the head of the administrative board and a large number of students and professors, it began with a meeting in the administrative building of the project chaired by the vice-chairman of the board in the presence of the supervisor, the general engineer, and a number of representatives of the Syndicate of Engineers in Syria, in addition to an educational documentary film about the Residential towers and architectural designs, and a scientific lecture about this topic. Also, all students’ questions about this lecture were answered, and a general discussion was held on its aspects.

This was followed by an inspection and a field tour in the land of the project, studying the architectural plans of two residential towers under implementation.

 The visit was concluded by taking some memorial photos and presenting many thanks on behalf of the administration and students of the International University for the efforts made by the supervisors of this visit and to emphasize on the continuity of cooperation and coordination in order to achieve the practical examination and link the practical side with theory to gain an extra academic value for the students of the department.

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