The results of the second round matches of the League of Football

The University Football League second round matches were concluded, where the teams met:
1- Engineering 5/ x Dentistry/1/ The Dentistry team won /1/ (3-0)
2- Business Administration /1/ x Dentistry/2/ The Business Administration team won /1/ with (2-0)
3- Engineering /6/ x Dentistry /4/ The Dentistry team won /4/ with (2-0)
In the last match, the engineering teams met /2/ dentistry /4/ and the engineering teams won /2/ (5-3).
Thus, the following qualified from the first group:
1- Dentistry/1/ in first place
2- Business Administration/1/ in second place
And qualified from the second group:
1- Engineering/2/ in first place
2- Engineering/3/ in second place
The semi-final matches will start on Saturday 27/11/2021, in which the following teams will meet:
1- Engineering/2/ x Business Administration/1/ 12:00 p.m.
2- Dentistry/1/ x Engineering/3/ at 1:00 p.m.
Two of the four teams will qualify for the final match of the League Football League for this year.

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