A scientific visit to the laboratory of the pharmaceutical company Diamond Pharma

The College of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs and in coordination with the National Union of Syrian Students – International University for Science and Technology Branch, conducted a scientific visit on Thursday 18/11/2021 to the laboratory of the pharmaceutical company Diamond Pharma.It includes reviewing the manufacturing stages of the drug and the laboratories of control and qualityUnder the supervision of professors Dr. Imran Makhlati, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Boushi and Dr. Ola Abbas, with the participation of the head of the student body at the College of Pharmacy, Silva Abdel Hai.

During the visit, the following sections were reviewed:

Syrup – creams – Ceflusporin – sterility (eye drops and ampoules) – laboratory section (physical and chemical tests) – bacterial laboratory.

The university administration extends its sincere thanks to Diamond Pharma, its management, employees and technicians for the kind reception and warm hospitality, and thanks especially to the technical staff in the company represented by Dr. Adnan Daoud.

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