Discussion of a graduation project entitled “Autonomous Self Driving Car using AI & Arduino Uno”

In the presence of the University President, Professor Dr. Ammar Nasser Agha, a graduation project from the Department of Informatics Engineering was discussed

Titled “Autonomous Self Driving Car using AI & Arduino Uno”

Self-driving car using artificial intelligence and Arduino circuit

Prepared by the two students: Muhammad Hisham Al-Samman and Rafiq Muhammad Al-Aita.

Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Hayyan Al-Sibai.

The project aims to develop a real-time pedestrian detection system using a light object detection model that can communicate with an Arduino-based mobile robot. The system can be used in applications such as self-driving vehicles and surveillance systems to enhance safety and improve work rate. The system uses the YOLOv4-tiny model to achieve Real-time performance and acceptable accuracy in resource-constrained environments.

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