The International Private University of Science and Technology held a meeting of the technical committee at the College of Pharmacy in the presence of the University President Professor Dr. Ammar Nasser Agha

The President of the International Private University of Science and Technology, Professor Dr. Ammar Nasser Agha, met today with the technical staff at the College of Pharmacy, represented by its Dean, Professor Dr. Habib Abboud.
His deputy is Professor Dr. Issam Nasser, and the department heads are Dr. Ahmed Omran Makhlalati, Dr. Rana Habib, and Dr. Weam Al-Debian.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Agha for the great efforts and important role of the members of the technical staff in making the educational process a success.
During the meeting, many issues were discussed related to how to improve performance and develop the practical department’s curriculum in line with scientific developments, and ways to overcome obstacles and problems that may hinder work, in addition to discussing the role of the technical body in preparing for the national exam for students, and how to enable them to pass it with high grades.
The Dean of the College of Pharmacy stressed the importance of regular meetings to follow up on all issues concerning students and the technical staff.


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