Statement by Professor Dr. Ammar Nasser Agha President of the University to the Information Office

Dr.Amaar Naser Aghaa

Thanks to its research and knowledge development, the International University for Science and Technology has made significant progress in the Webometrics classification

Since its establishment, the International Private University of Science and Technology has shown great interest in developing knowledge and scientific research in multiple fields with the aim of providing students with the necessary skills to keep pace with technological progress and achieve success in modern knowledge societies, through its reliance on high-quality educational programs in a variety of scientific and technological disciplines.

In light of the above, it was not surprising that the university advanced 1,205 places globally in the Webometrics classification after it was ranked 7,782, thanks to the research and cognitive development at the university, which made it occupy ninth place locally at the level of public and private universities.

The President of the University, Professor Dr. Ammar Nasser Agha, confirmed in a statement to the university’s website that the university’s classification file and its appearance at the international level are among the most important priorities in its agenda during the current and future phase, indicating that the university entered the global alluvial classification for the first time in the 2023 edition, which is a research-educational classification. Linked to sustainable development in the university and society, he pointed out that the International Private University for Science and Technology is the only private university present in the alluvial classification in Syria, accompanied by the University of Damascus, which comes in first place locally, and immediately followed by the International Private University for Science and Technology in second place.

Prof. Dr. noted: Nasser Agha said that the university is very keen on developing all important matters related to scientific research and creating new colleges, as well as new specializations required in the labor market, and the main focus is on publishing scientific research in prestigious and internationally known publishing houses, especially for university degree students, which is something that is not very common locally. .

Regarding the university’s future ambitions and plans, Prof. Dr. Nasser Agha said that the International Private University for Science and Technology is constantly seeking to benefit from the experience it pursued in the year 2023, which led to its entry into classifications in which it had not previously existed, neither it nor any other private university in the Syrian Arab Republic, and which led to an increase in its classification in other classifications, indicating: The university is currently working to expand the experience it has adopted to benefit from it in further progress locally and globally. This is evident in many ways through spreading the culture of scientific research at the university in addition to developing scientific, educational and cognitive content.


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