The second scientific visit to “Damascus University Blood Center” for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the International University

On Wednesday, 26/12/2018, In cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs at the International University for Science and Technology, the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students – the administrative board of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University organized the second scientific visit to “Damascus University Blood Center”, supported by Dr. Lama Yousef the Dean of the faculty of Pharmacy. The students then toured in all the departments and laboratories of the center such as (Clinical Examination department, the cooling room, Blood Components Preparation department, Serology lab, Immunohematology lab) under the supervision of Dr. Mouzna Hammadieh and Dr. Lamis Yousef, within physiology / 2 / course; as well as the supervisors and the staff of the center; All the main details related to blood transfusion have been explained, starting with registering donors’ data to be linked electronically to a database, passing by preliminary examination of specimens, followed by blood collection and separating its components, taking into account the main conditions for its preservation.

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