The founding conference of The Teachers Syndicate Unit at the International University (IUST) was held and a head of the unit was elected

The Teachers Syndicate Unit at the International University for Science and Technology held its founding conference at 11 o’clock this afternoon, in the presence of Dr. Yousef Al-Marzouqi, Head of the Sub-Office of the Teachers’ Union at Damascus University, Dr. Haitham Issa, head of the organization’s office, and Mr. Bahaa al-Zain, head of the office of Member Affairs, also there were Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, President of the University, and, both Vice-President of the University: Dr. Sharif Al Ashkar & Dr. Mohammed Maarouf, deans of the faculties, the directors, the head of the national union of Syrian students and some employees of the University.

The conference was opened with a minute of silence to mourn the martyrs and the national anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic. Then Dr. Marzouki explained the procedures for nomination and election, after which the voting took place.

As a result, each of the colleagues won:

  1. Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahim as a head of the unit
  2. Fadi Goman as a member
  3. Fadi Al-Akkad as a Member

The university administration congratulates the winners and wishes them success in serving the march of science, education and teachers.

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