The awards ceremony of the literary talent competition

The International University for Science and Technology, in cooperation with the National Union of Syrian Students at the University, organized a literary festival at 11 a.m. for young talents in the arts of poetry, story, flash literature and diaries in the presence of president of the university Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, representative of the Board of Trustees Dr. Emad Al Ashqar, the vice president of the university: Dr. Sherif Al-Ashqar & Dr. Mohammed Marouf, the Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Jeroudi, the director of activities Mr. Samer Al-Koumi, the deans of the colleges, the members of the jury, the head & the members of the National Union of Syrian Students and a large audience of students.

Prof. Sharif Al-Ashqar, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, delivered a speech in which he emphasize on the importance of this activity in improving the talents of students and in building their character also he praised the literary works that were presented. Next there was a speech by Eng. Fayez Estefan the head of the National Union of Syrian Students at the university, he talked about the role played by the Union to take care of the student activities, especially the cultural ones, where this event is one of its aspects, and thanked the Presidency of the University and its sponsors and the Deanship of Student Affairs for their efforts and encouragement awards to make this activity successful.

Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Rahim, Chairman of the Jury, talked about the work of the committee giving some recommendations to the students to enrich their writings and creations, then the first students recited their creativity to the audience.

In conclusion, the President of the university and the representative of the Board of Trustees distributed the financial awards and certificates to the winners:

1- Jacob Al-Ras who won the first prize in the field of poetry

2- Siba Alkadi and Rania Isaac won the first prize in the field of short story

3- Ali Yousef Aoun and Hassan Al-Nahas in the field of flash prose.

4- Rama Khosh Naif Ibrahim in the field of diarie.

The celebration ends at 1 p.m.

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