The annual conference of the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students at the International University for Science and Technology and the election of a new leadership for the branch

The National Union of Syrian Students at the International University for Science and Technology held its annual conference today at 10 am in the presence of the colleague Darine Sulaiman, member of the Executive Office of the National Union of Syrian Students – Head of the Special Education and Informatics Offices, Eng. Fayez Estefan the head of the National Union of Syrian Students at the university and members of the administrative office and bodies. The conference was also attended by Prof. Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, President of the University and Prof. Dr. Sharif Al-Ashqar, Vice President of the University Dean of Student Affairs, as well as deans of colleges and some heads of departments.

The conference was opened with a minute of silence for the martyrs and the national anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic. Then Fayez Estefan presented a report on the activities of the administrative office of the Union and its role in developing student activities to contribute in building the student personality in its national dimension.

Then the members of the administrative bodies presented interventions about the progress of the study and the difficulties experienced by the students. Then the professor Al-Abbas presented an extensive presentation that included answers of most of the essential issues and the university’s vision to solve the problems.

In her turn, Mrs. Sulaiman praised the efforts by the Union branch and its role in defending students’ issues and raising the level of university education, where it could increase the country’s fortitude and strengthen its steadfastness and its ability to face challenges and complete victory over hostile schemes.

Dr. Sherif Al-Ashqar also answered the students’ questions and clarified some of issues that the students face and promised to solve them in the near future.

The deans of the colleges provided detailed explanations on the issues raised by the students.

At the end of the conference, a new leadership was elected for the branch of the Union to stand together with various students’ issues and difficulties they may face during their academic study at the university.


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