Opening the first scientific conference for oral rehabilitation under the title of “Oral Rehabilitation from Function to Esthetic”

Under the sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Atef Nadaf, Minister of Higher Education, the first scientific conference for oral rehabilitation was opened at 10 am today under the title of “Oral Rehabilitation from Function to Esthetic”, which is accompanied by a scientific competition held by the Faculty of Dentistry of the International University. The conference comes to dedicate the role played by the International University in promoting scientific research.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of Damascus University, Vice President of the University, president of dentists in Damascus, Eng. Kanaan Kanaan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International university, President of the international university Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, Vice President Dr. Sharif Al Ashkar, the deans of the faculties, the faculty members of the Faculty of Dentistry and a large number of researchers, specialists, lecturers and a group of students researches.

The conference was opened by the Syrian Arab anthem and a minute of silence for our martyrs, then prof. Dr. Al Abbas made a speech greeting the audience, emphasizing on the importance of scientific research in developing science and improving knowledge and which should be undertaken by public and private universities.

Then Dr. Atef Darwish, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the IUST, made a speech, in which he reviewed the role played by the College in preparing distinguished doctors and the efforts made by the University to support public life with qualified doctors, Dr. Ghassan Basset reviewed In his speech the importance of the conference in providing new knowledge researches that enrich oral health research and contribute to raising the level of performance in the dental and oral profession.

After the opening session, the Minister of high education and his group went to review the researches of the students participating in the competition, which are posters describe clinical cases. The Minister praised the students’ works and the efforts made in this context.

 Then researchers Jean-Marie Magarbane, Nadim Abou joude, Professor Nabil Barakat and Paul Boulos presented a series of researches that shed light upon the new additions in the oral rehabilitation field and aesthetic aspects during Rehabilitation process.

Each research was accompanied by a number of questions, some interventions and discussions that enriched the researches, and then the session of the first day was closed at four in the afternoon.


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