Meeting of the University Administration with the new students of the Faculty of Pharmacy for the academic year 2018/2019

According to the annual plan of the Deanship of Student Affairs at the International University for Science and Technology to welcome new students each year and put them in the system of study and examinations which follow the credit hours system, today, the first meeting of the university administration was held with the new students of the Faculty of Dentistry for the academic year 2018 – 2019, The meeting was headed by Prof. Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Sharif Al Ashkar, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Lama Youssef, Dean of faculty of pharmacy, the Director of Activities at the University, the head of student union branch at the university and the head of administrative board at the faculty of Pharmacy.

A brief about the university, the faculty of pharmacy & its departments were given during the meeting, plus all the important issues for the students as regulations, laws and directives related to their academic and student life. Finally, the administration responded to all inquiries and questions of students.


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