IUST library plays a main role in serving the academic community represented by students, administration, employees, and faculty members by providing them with library materials and scientific means and offering facilities and services that suit the university’s curricula. The library is set up by the university foundation in 2005.


The working hours: from 8:30 till 4:30.


DDC System: The library applies the Dewey decimal classification 22 system to control and get an access to data resources.


NewGenLib System:

The library adopts the NewGenLib library software system to store, manage, and return the private information of available resources and manage the borrowing processes and the files of beneficiaries using the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).
This system also allows to manage all the special processes of periodicals and to set the statistics reports of borrowing processes.
Besides it provides the biographical addresses and topics of available resources and allows you to connect directly, by using internet, to the automatically stored indexes.
Researcher can get information through the library electronic indexing which facilitates obtaining resources through the opened shelves.
The library depends on the opened shelves system, where the researcher can be informed of available information resources, so s/he can consult them inside the library or borrow them if they are available to be borrowed.
The library follows international standards of indexing and classification. In order to achieve its aim, the library seeks to organize and provide the required informatics means, different devices, and necessary materials, in addition to create the suitable climate to research, study, and learn.
It puts its resources and services in the beneficiaries’ hands of students, faculty members, employees, and workers, to contribute, as a main item, in performing the university’s educational mission.

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