Holding a Conference of the student unit in the Faculty of Engineering & Technology and forming a new administrative board

Under the slogan “Syrian students in universities and institutes as in the fighting fronts are steady and victors” The conference of the student unit was held in the Faculty of Engineering &Technology to form a new administrative board of the College, on Monday, 19/11/2018 in the library hall at the temporary headquarters in Kiwan. The conference was headed by Mr. Qassem Al-hajjy, the head of the Administrative Board of the Faculty of Engineering &Technology, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Sharif Al Ashkar, Vice President of the University – Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Imad Al-Masri, Vice Dean of faculty of Engineering &Technology, the heads of the faculty departments, the Director of Activities at the University Mr. Samer Al-komee, and the head of the Student Union Branch at the University, Eng. Fayez Estefan. During the conference, the University administration, the Student Union Branch and the heads of the faculty departments listened to students’ various questions, interventions and problems and were discussed and responded with clarifying some important points and with a commitment to set suitable solutions as soon as possible. At the end of the conference, a new administrative body was formed for the Faculty of Engineering &Technology to stand together with various students’ issues and difficulties they may face during their academic study at the university.

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