Faculty of Dentistry – Dean

atef darwish

Personal Informatiom   :

Name: Mohamad Atef, Darwiche         
Academic Rank : Professor
Current Position : Dean of Dentistry Faculty         
E-mail: atefd@iust.edu.sy          

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Today I address you, Professors, Students, among you special warm greetings to my students, special welcoming as you are our country future, the university milestone, dental school basement!

You have good future to choose dentistry as a specialty,

The specialty that we are honored with, proud of what we established of full equipped faculty, proud of our faculty curriculum as one of the best regionally, internationally , which fulfills all student needs: scientifically ,clinically and laboratory to be fully qualified to be locally practitioner and internationally recognized.

Our curriculum that we provide social service through dental service under excellent academic supervision.

Our faculty provides to our students all classes, lab, clinics equipment’s which are all under MOHE accreditation.

My students and colleagues , I welcome you all, I ask you to maintain your faculty your equipment’s , your books , they are all of great value and deserve to be well handled.

Our teaching process is conducted through elite professors, full timer and part –timer originated from governmental universities or the privet sector, making a great inter-action between both ways of education.

Our faculty adopted the credit hours system, the flexible easing

International system where the confident plays the major, role

   Confident with our pro’s students, and willing to learn more. The system that lets the student compete with colleges

Toward the best, the success and achievement

We are proud of our faculty, university and for sure proud of you. The university through its open minded admiration ease  all student a fairs starting from academic issues and not ending with social, cultural to make our graduate social stars not only dentists

Your faculty training is accomplished through patient visits

Please help your patient, provide best treatment, as they accepted our help and we should be the best through you, and your super visors when your faculty is recognized as an international academic establishment, it will compete with other local and international faculties, that will be achieved the through your hard and loyal competent to your faculty and society.

Finally: I welcome you again, you choose well and we are all here to help you.  

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