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Personal Informations

Name:  Prof. Sharif Adnan Al-Ashkar

Academic Rank:  Professor

Present Address: International University for Science and Technology (IUST) – Daraa, Syria

Fax:  +963-15-860460




EDUCATIONProfessional ExperienceConferencesAffiliationsSpecializationResearch Papers

1978-1983 • Damascus University, College of Dentistry. Graduated DDS
1983-1985 • Damascus University, College of Dentistry, Post Graduate studies, Diploma in periodontal diseases.
1987-1989 • Damascus University, College of Dentistry, Masters Degree in Dental Sciences (periodontal diseases).
1992-1994 • Damascus University, College of Dentistry, Doctorate degree in Laser and periodontal diseases.

  • Dean of Student Affairs, IUST

  • Member Board of Managers, Laser Research Center

  • Member Board of Trustees, IUST

  • President of Syrian Society for Dental Laser Applications

  • President Laser Research Center at College of Dentistry

  • Professor of Scientific Research for Higher Education at Damascus University

  • Vice President of Student Affairs (Administration)

  • Professor of Periodontology, College of Dentistry, DU

  • Professor of Radiography, College of dentistry, DU

  • Supervisor for Applied Dental Medicine, ( Periodontology ) College of Dentistry, Damascus University

  • Treasurer, Damascus branch, Dentists Association

  • member of , Damascus branch councl, Dentists Association

  • vice president of , Damascus branch, Dentists Association

  • Head of Dental Clinic – Almuwasat Hospital.

– 2008 The fourth workshop on laser science and application,Higher institute for laser and applications,DU,may 20-22,
– 2008 First oral medicine meeting dental faculty,Damascus university 11-13 may
– 2008 SDA and Medicare, the international dental exhibition & conference 18-22 june
– 2007 Laser Congress SOLA – Lasers in General Dental practice,Stratford, England,20-22Sep
– 2007 16th International Scientific conference of SDA, Damascus, Syria
– 2007 First scientific day of Dental Faculty, Kalamoon University
– 2007 First Health Care conference, Damascus, Syria
– 2006 Euro Academy of Implant dentistry ( EAID )
– 2006 Scientific meeting for the Gum Disease Specialists and it’s surgery, Department of Health, Damascus, Syria
– 2006 Q- Implant Training Course, IUST
– 2006 Third Workshop, Laser Applications, Higher institute for Laser Research,Damascus University
– 2006 Scientific Meeting in Periodontology and oral medicine
– 2005 45th Scientific week. Ministry of Higher Education, Syria
– 2005 Third conference for ESOLA, Barcelona, Spain
– 2005 15th International Scientific Conference of SDA
– 2005 Multi Faceted Scientific Conference, Damascus, Syria
– 2004 Annual meeting for Saudi Dental association, Riyadh, KSA
– 2004 7th Syrian Association of Periodontology meeting
– 2004 Periodontology Conference, Damascus University
-2003 Second Conference of ESOLA, Florence, Italy
– 2003 5th Dental Conferences of Sudanese Dental Association, Khartoum
– 2003 Periodontology workshop. Damascus, University
– 2003 Orthodontic workshop, Damascus University
– 2003 Endodontic workshop, Damascus Universi ty
– 2002 Conference on Scientific Laser applications, Assad Hospital
– 2002 4th Conference of Dental Colleges, Baghdad, Iraq
– 2002 8th Scientific Dental Conference, Amman, Jordan
– 2002 12th meeting for Dental Preventive Medicine
– 2001 18th Jordanian Conference for Dentists
– 2001 13th International Scientific conference of SDA, Damascus, Syria
– 2000 6th Scientific meeting in Palmyra, Syria
– 2000 Third Endotontic Scientific Meeting, Damascus, Syria
– 1999 7th Scientific Conference for Arab Dental Association, Damascus,
– 1999 1st Arabic Conference for periodontology, Damascus, Syria
– 1999 Workshop in pediatric Periodontal disease, Damascus, Syria
– 1999 TMJ treatment workshop, Damascus University
– 1999 Dental Implant workshop (IMPADENT), Damascus University
– 1998 First Prosthodontics workshop, Damascus University
– 1996 5th scientific meeting for Syrian Preventive Oral Medicine, Damascus
– 1996 Third scientific Dental meeting in Al-Rikka , Syria
– 1996 4th Dental Scientific meeting, Damascus, Syria
– 1994 The 3ed meeting of Oral and Preventive Medicine, Damascus, Syria
– 1992 The 3ed Scientific meeting of Damascus Dental Association
– 1991 Third Scientific Conference of SDA
– 1989 1st Meeting of Prosthodontics, Damascus, Syria
– 1989 Second Conference of the SDA

  • Member of the scientific committee for periodontology in Syria. Ministry of Health.
  • Member Scientific Research Committee, College of Dentistry, DU
  • Member of Syrian Dental Society
  • Member, American Society for Laser Dental research and applications
  • Member Scientific Committee for the Institute of Higher education For Laser research and its applications
  • European Society for Oral Laser Applications
  • Member of the Management Board of Syrian Society of Periodontology
  • Head of the Scientific Committee for Damascus Society of Dentists

– Periodontology
– Implantology
– Applied usage of Laser Technology
– Trained on BIOLASE Laser, Germany
– Trained on KAVO Laser, UAE

  • lashkar. Sh,S.Kaddour, ,S.Rekad,Comparative Study For Apical Leakage following Co2 Laser Apicoectomy and MTA Retrofilling, the 42th scientific week , aleppo , Syria.2002
  • S.Rekab,Sh.Alashkar,S.Kaddour,Effect of soft laser radiation on accidental pulp exposure, the 42th scientific week , aleppo , Syria.2002
  • Alashkar.Sh ,Clinical Comparasion between Drug and LLLT on Pain and Swell due to Implantation ,Albaath University, journal, vol(25),(2).2003
  • Alashkar. Sh. Removal of Pigmented Gingiva by CO2 Laser,2006Damascus University journal for health sciences,v22,2,299-312,2006
  • Alashkar SH,Mashlah A.2006 Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Dentists.Damascus uni J. under publish

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