Celebration of the International University of Science and Technology on the occasion of the Arab Teacher’s Day

On the occasion of the Teacher’s Day and the appreciation of the Board of Trustees of the International University for Science and Technology and its management of the role played by the teaching staff, the technical and administrative staff, they held a reception in the library hall at 11 o’clock this afternoon, attended by Prof. Dr. Boutros Miala Assistant Minister of the Higher Education, Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, President of the University, and Dr. Yousef Al-Marzouqi, Head of the Sub-Office of the Teachers’ Union at Damascus University, both Vice-President of the University, deans of the faculties, the directors and employees of the University.

The ceremony was opened by a speech from the representative of the teachers’ union who welcomed the attendees wishing them health and wellness, thanking their efforts and experiences, praising the role they play in serving the nation, raising generations and spreading the light of science and knowledge.

During the ceremony a group of professors who played a prominent role in raising the university’s ranking were honored and awarded financial prizes on this occasion.

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