A Visit by the teaching and administrative staff at the International University to the permanent headquarters in Ghabagheb

On the occasion of Independence Day, the Deanship of Student Affairs at the International University for Science and Technology, with the participation of the Teachers Syndicate Unit at the university, organized a scientific entertaining trip to the permanent headquarters in Ghabagheb – Daraa Highway.

The tour included a large number of faculty members, educational, laboratory and administrative, in order to identify the permanent headquarters, the infrastructure and all the available teaching requirements. The participants toured the departments of the university, its buildings & colleges, classrooms, studios, laboratories and dental clinics, as well as the halls of these buildings and the spacious squares with the green areas. The program of the trip also included simple entertainments and friendly conversations.

By an invitation from the Board of Trustees and the presidency of the University, the participants had lunch in the presence of Dr. Imad Al-Ashkar, the member of the Board of Trustees, who spread a good feeling among the participants. The participants expressed their admiration for the objective available conditions for a distinguished and competitive educational process. Some participants also presented a proposal in which they emphasized the repetition of this experiment, which provides a creative interaction among the employees.

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