A scientific workshop entitled “Planning and designing communication and information networks using the latest technologies” by AB TEC Company

In collaboration between the Deanship of Student Affairs, Computer & Informatics Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the International University and AB TEC company, specialized in managing the design of computer networks and the information system, a scientific workshop was held on 22/4/2019 entitled “Planning and designing communication and information networks using the latest technologies” in order to emphasize on linking the theoretical study with practical knowledge, and In the presence of the President of the University Prof. Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Dr. Mamoun Al-Samkari, and prof. Dr. Mutasim Shafa Omri, Head of Computer and Informatics Engineering Department, Eng. Mr. Mohammed Murad Dargham, the founder and director of AB TEC, Mr. Samer Al Koumi, Director of Activities at the University, a number of teachers and a wide audience of students.

The workshop was opened by Prof. Dr. Moatasem Shafa Omri, who welcomed the attendees, followed by a speech by the company’s director and founder, Mr. Mohammed Murad Dargham, who talked about the company, its history, services and its partners. Then the shield of the company was awarded to Prof. Dr. Faisal Al Abbas, to Dr. Mamoun Al-Samkari and to Dr. Mutasim Shafa Omri, in turn, the President of the University gave the shield of the International University to the Director of the company.

The lecture was given by Mr. Sami Alio, who has a master’s degree in network management and a master’s degree in business administration / Management of telecommunications companies Department. He talked about  many topics such as the modern design of the information networks and their characteristics, network internet resources and its equipment, the uses and advantages of network; (access to the internet, reduce operating cost, a place to store information etc.), network topology, which is arrangement of the elements (linksnodes, etc.) of a communication network, the practical mechanism of professional extension in the enterprise, the Ethernet, which is a system for connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network, the method of connecting and programming network equipment in order to build and operate the entire network, the latest techniques in the field of planning and designing, and the link between communications and information networks.

Later, the company explained its products and functions for the students.

In the second part of the lecture, the sales manager in the company Mr. Osama Murtada, presented an overview of the development of AB TEC and the methods of introducing technology projects in national and private institutions.

All thanks to Miss Eva Korea for the efforts in coordinating this event.

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