A scientific trip for the students of the Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Communications at the International University to Tishreen University in Lattakia

In collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, the International University held on Thursday 11/4/2019 a scientific and entertaining trip for 82 students from the Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Communications to Tishreen University in Lattakia Governorate under the supervision of Dr. Mutism Shafa’mari, head of Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Dr. Mahmoud Mahfouri, head of the University’s Requirements Department and the engineers: Mr. Ammar Al-Ghamian, Majda Asaad, Samar Abu Al-Fotouh and Mr. Samer Al-Koumi, Director of Activities at the University.

They met there Prof. Dr. Jaafar Al-Khair, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics Engineering, Prof. Rami Mansour, Dean of Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Dr. Mariam Saaiee, Head of Computers and Automation & Robotics department, Dr. Haitham Al Radwan, Head of Communication Engineering Department and Dr. Mohamed Dioub, head of Mechatronics Department. Moreover, the shield of the International University was awarded to each dean of the colleges and they discussed prospects of joint cooperation in different activities.

The students toured the modern computer networks labs to see the work of the Internet service providers, followed by the antennas lab where the students listened to the supervisor on design and control antenna beams, then Automation & Robotics Lab; they talked about the automation of production plans, next they went to the robotics laboratory and attended an experience on robot “SCARA RRR” and finally to the modern communications and Mechatronics labs. After that, the delegation went to the headquarters of
Prime Tech company, the owner of Shamra search engine in Lattakia, to learn about the mechanism, labor market requirements and the most important techniques used in the structure of Shamra search engine and there the delegation was received by the manager of the company Eng. Mr. Firas Saleh and a large number of software developers in the company. During the visit, the director of Prime Tech Company gave the shield of Shamra to the representative of International University and discussed the prospects of scientific cooperation.

The next morning, the students visited several touristic places in the governorate, such as the Blue Beach – Ein Al-Beda- Mashqita – Wadi Qandil, with an atmosphere of pleasure and joy.

We thank the efforts made by the colleague Dr. Majd Ali and the colleagues at the National Union of Syrian Students of the International University in coordinating this visit and let it succeed.

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