A lecture on the reality and health insurance services at GlobeMed Company

The Department of International University for Science and Technology organized a lecture on the reality and health insurance services at Globe Med Company. The lecture was presented by Dr. Dani Al-Saddi and Dr. Maher Abu Saab, on Monday 19/11/2018 at 1:00 pm at the library hall at the temporary headquarters in Kiwan.

After greeting, the officials at the insurance company gave an explanation of the health insurance, the type of insurance cards, the value of insurance coverage for each type, and provided a presentation about diseases and situations that can be covered by insurance, medical services inside and outside the hospital, diagnostic tests, they also talked about the Insurance contract between the International University and the Syrian Insurance Company; which is the best type of insurance contracts in Syria in terms of services and coverage, also the operations and treatments covered by insurance, and how to use the insurance card when reviewing clinics or medical laboratories analysis or medical Imaging centers, and how to sell out medicine from pharmacies.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Sharif Al Ashkar, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs at the university, Dr. Mohammad Nasr Al Zeer, the Doctor of the Medical Clinic at the University, Mr. Shadi Barqawi, Director of Public Relations, Mr. Khalid Swaid, Financial Director, Mr. Mohammed Al Samman, Insurance mediator, the Director of Activities at the University Mr. Samer Al-komee, and the head of the Student Union Branch at the University, Eng. Fayez Estefan and a large number of students.

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