A lecture by Eng. Nassib Hadid, Head of the Damascus branch of the Syrian Engineers Syndicate at the International University

In cooperation between the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Deanship of the Faculty of Engineering at the International University for Science and Technology, a lecture was given by Eng. Nassib Hadid, head of the Damascus branch of the Engineers Syndicate, at 11 a.m on Monday 8/4/2019.

The lecture presented an introduction about the syndicate, the history of its establishment, its structure, objectives, missions and its role in raising the profession of engineering and enhancing its scientific level. He also talked about the registration rules & forms in the syndicate. And that was in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mamoun al-Samkari Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and a number of heads of departments and doctors and a large audience of students. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Mamoun Al-Samkari awarded Mr. Hadid the shield of the International University.

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