General Information
Name Ghassan H. Fallouh
Academic Rank: Professor
Faculty: Engineering & Technology
Department: Engineering & Technology
Current Position: Dean of Engineering & Technology Faculty
EXT: 400
Ph.D. Electronics and Computer Engineering, 1987. University of Dayton, Dayton Ohio, U. S. A.
Master Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1984.Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, U. S. A.
Bachelor and Communication Engineering, 1975.University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria.
Research Interest
  • Digital Communication Systems

  • Computer Networks

  • Computer Graphics

  • Structured and Object Oriented Programming Languages and their Applications

  • Data Bases Design & their Applications

  • E- Learning.

Selected Publication
  1. G. Fallouh, F.S. Kourdi, "IT Infrastructure for e-Business", Research Journal of Aleppo University, Vol. (48), 2006.

  2. G. Fallouh, "Contribution to the Design Principles of XML Database Engines and the Criteria for their Performance Evaluation", Techreen University Journal, 2005.

  3. S. Berro, G. Fallouh, "IP Telephony, Case study: Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)", Damascus University Journal, Vol. (20) –No. (1)2004.

  4. N. I. Ibrahim, H. Abounour, G. Fallouh, "Specification and Performance of a Recovery System of Noisy Signal Coded by Continuously Variable Slope Data Modulation", Damascus University Journal, Vol. (20) –No. (2)2004.

  5. A. Mayaleh, G. Fallouh, "Design and Implementation of a Computer Based System that Assists in Evaluating Time Delay and Traffic Avoidance in Computer Networks", in Proc. 2005, Damascus University Journal, Damascus, Syria.

  6. L. Arbach, L. Bennett, J. M. Reinhardt, G. Fallouh, “Using Backpropagation Neural Network BNN to Classify Breast Masses from Mammograms”, Damascus University Journal for the Engineering Sciences (In Press).

  7. L. Arbach, L. Bennett, J. M. Reinhardt, G. Fallouh , “Mammographic Masses Classification: Comparison between Backpropagation Neural Network (BNN), K Nearest Neighbors (KNN), and Human Readers”, in Pro. IEEE Canada, CCECE, 3: 1441-1444, Montreal, Canada, 2003.

  8. L. Arbach, L. Bennett, J. M. Reinhardt, G. Fallouh , “Classification of Mammographic Masses: Comparison between Backpropagation Neural Network (BNN) and Human Readers”, in Pro. SPIE Conf. Medical Imaging, 5032(2):810-818, San Diego, CA, 2003.

  9. L. Arbach, G. Fallouh, Developing An Expert System For Distinguishing Malignant And Benign Breast Masses From Mammograms Using The Fuzzy Logic, Damascus University J. for Engineering Science, VOL 9, no. 1, Feb. 2002.

  10. G. H. Fallouh, L. Arbach, “Distinguishing between Malignant and Nonmalignant Breast Masses from Mammograms Using AI Techniques,” Bassel al-Assad Journal for Engineering Sciences, No. 16, July 2002.

Course Taught
  • Computer Networks (Basic, advanced)

  • Database Design & Applications

  • Principles of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems

  • Digital Communication Systems

  • Electronic Circuits 1 & 2

  • Programming Languages (VB, C++, Pascal)

  • 2007 to present ,Dean of Engineering & Technology, International Private University of Science & Technology, Syria.

  • 2006 to Present ,Member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Computer Society

  • 2010 to present ,Member of the Board of Directors of the Commercial Bank of Syria.

  • 2005 to present ,Professor at the Computer Engineering and Automation Department, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

  • 2004 to present ,Head of the Informatics Central Committee at the Engineering syndicate.

  • 2005 to present ,Member of the National Committee for the Intermediate and Technical Education in Syria.

  • 1995 to present ,Consultant to the Commercial Bank of Syria, responsible for the establishment of computer automation and networks regarding the financial and managerial applications, Damascus.

  • 1995 to 2005 ,Associate Professor at the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

  • 1991 to 2005 ,Director Of the Computer Engineering Institute, Ministry of Higher Education.

  • 2001- 2006 ,Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kalamoon.

  • 2003 – 2005 ,Visiting Professor to Al Esra Private University, Amman, Jordan.

  • 1999 - 2004 ,Local consultant to the UNDP for the Central Bank, also for the establishment of the Economical Database for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy & foreign Trade, under the support to Arab states in their pursuit of economic and social reform and multilateral economic cooperation program.

  • 1996 – 1998 ,Member of the Information Technology & Consulting Group for the studies & implementation of the 2nd & 3rd phases of Damascus University full automation computer network.

  • 1988 - 1995 ,Assistant Professor at the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

  • 1993 - 1994 ,Member of the prime ministerial committee for the establishment of the Al-Zara Steel Complex, responsible for automation and communication systems (analog & digital) .